Client: Zoe Martin

Zoe Martin – NYC

When I turned 25, my skin started breaking out in a way it had never done before. After a year of battling with adult acne, I was desperate. Not only were my breakouts becoming more painful and cystic, but I seemed to be battling daily with bloating and low energy levels. I worked out and thought I ate well, so I struggled to put my finger on what could be wrong. It was then I first came to see Vanessa for her advice.
Upon hearing my symptoms, Vanessa suggested that I get tested for PCOS. I had heard of PCOS before but having being slim and athletic all my life, I ruled it out as a possibility. However, upon Vanessa’s insistence I went for a blood test and an ultrasound and was diagnosed with PCOS.
At first, I was utterly despondent. I didn’t know where to start on how I could treat or manage this autoimmune diseases that apparently 1 in 10 women in America have. This is where Vanessa came in and shed light on what was a dismal situation. She encouraged me to see an endocrinologist and explore going on Metformin to help me manage my blood sugar and insulin levels. She advised on what foods would be anti-inflammatory and healing to my system, and she encouraged me to stay away from certain foods that would spike my blood sugar and thus, aggravate my PCOS and worsen my acne.
I won’t lie, it was hard at first. I had to change my relationship with food altogether. What I considered to be part of a “healthy” diet, I soon discovered would send me on a daily roller coaster of sugar highs, bloating and crashes in energy-levels. Within weeks of following Vanessa’s advice, I first noticed an improvement in my digestion and then a difference in my skin. I was no longer bloated. I no longer felt like I need an afternoon nap after lunch. I stopped craving that sweet treat after each meal. And slowly but surely, my acne started clearing and now – two years on, I have yet to have one breakout since following Vanessa’s advice. And even better yet, I feel and look the best I ever have – and I’ll continue to follow her nutritional advice for a longer, healthier and  happier life.


Anonymous – 35

I am a 35-year old woman who developed a rare auto-immune disorder known as PLEVA 16 years ago at the age of 19.  It took 3 years to get a correct diagnosis, and to this day, very little is known about the disorder – but, in short, it manifests in the form of painful and unsightly red lesions all over my arms, legs, hands, feet, and torso.

I was told by my doctors that there were only two possible treatment options.  First, they attempted to suppress my (over-active) immune system by prescribing heavy doses of antibiotics, which had absolutely no effect on my symptoms.  The second treatment option was simply to get a sun tan, which does, in fact, alleviate the symptoms of an outbreak.  However, with a family history of aggressive skin cancers (including melanoma), I chose not to continue tanning and so had resigned myself to living with PLEVA many years ago.  

Then I met Vanessa Fitzgerald, quite by chance, but I strongly believe you meet the people you need to meet when the time is right.  At that time, I was experiencing unexplained infertility and suspected that my auto-immune disorder, left completely unchecked, could be a contributing factor.  I was also interested in working with someone on a holistic approach to my overall wellness before going down the rabbit hole of fertility treatments.  

Vanessa worked with me on removing irritants from both my diet and lifestyle, which allowed my digestive system to heal.  In addition, she carefully curated a personalized program of whole food supplements to provide my body and mind with additional support.  After about 3 months of working with Vanessa, my PLEVA had cleared up, and I have now gone another 2 months without a single outbreak.  I also very recently conceived for the first time.  I am so grateful for everything Vanessa taught me.  She honestly changed my life, and I’ve never felt better.